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My name is Rewolfnusmoon. My passion is Street Photography, sometimes called candid photography, I want to capture pictures of humans’ everyday lives tread in society of my generation, but I want to capture them in black and white.

My purpose and inspiration for wanting to expand my knowledge in photography is because of Vivian Dorothy Maier an American Street Photographer. Her story was so simple, but the pictures she took told a million stories. Even though Maier’s photographs were unknown and unpublished, when they were found and exposed, I couldn’t believe how amazing she was at expressing herself through her camera. Vivian’s work spoke to me and  I admire her and I always wanted to express my self through my photos and now I have the motivation to do so..

I will keep my curiosity alive because it determines how far I can go.

Last but not least, if it wasn’t for Eric Kim and his passion for teaching street photography and being so open on expressing all his knowledge to others, I would have not know where to start. Thank you!

Follow his blog: erickimphotography.com/

The day I realized I wanted to be a photographer was when my mother let me take pictures with her Kodak Power Flash a single use camera. I had to wait till we developed every film of each Kodak camera to see the photos but it was worth the wait.

I started studying photography in high school, 2002.

I was obsessed with the feeling of holding a camera, but what really caught my eye was the process of taking a picture and developing the films. The anticipation and excitement on developing a negative was amazing and rewarding.

Now, I am here trying to finish one of my goals, on become a Street Photographer.

Enjoy witnessing my journey of wonders, experiences and creativity.

Thank you,

– Rewolfnusmoon




My pain is blowing away,

Like a balloon flying up to the sky,

Disappearing in a blink of an eye,

Gone forever,

Like water drops exposed to the sun shine,

Drying on the ground,

Vanishing from its existing and never coming back…



: Pain, gone, relief, left, liberating, not here.



Why me?

Out of everyone in this world, but you choose me,

To influence,

To operate and rebuild your self-esteem.

Tell me?

Was I part of you getting even?

Or was I NOT what you expected be.


: Confuse, control, manipulate, fool, use, games.


If a person always leaves you with mixed feelings, uncertainty and an unsettled mind, you don’t need to place your energy there. – Reyna Biddy


 I just wanted to call you because I’m not sure I can see you anymore. I can’t tell what you’re thinking, but I’m in this way too deep. I think you are amazing. You’re funny and smart and successful. I like you more than I’ve liked anyone in a long time, but I don’t know if you want the same things that I do. I only want to see you and it’s okay if that’s not what you want, but if it isn’t, I need to stop before I get hurt more than I’m already going to be. I’m not the girl who becomes infatuated by a guy. I don’t drive myself crazy thinking and over analyzing every little text and moment and look I have always been fiercely independent. So I need to know what you’re thinking about and if we….

If you’re not seeing this progress into something more serious anytime soon, then I need to take a step back.


 – Rewolfnusmoon